In the media

In the media

11th December 2017 - ABC

'Post-surgery antibiotics wrongly prescribed'

Dr. Trisha Peel

4th December 2017 - Australian Journal of Pharmacy

'Inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics rife'

Sheshtyn Paola

16th November 2017 - Australian Doctor

'Call for GPs to review hospital-initiated antibiotics'

Jocelyn Wright

14th November 2017 - Australian Prescriber

'Surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis'

Dr. Trisha Peel 

14th November 2017 - Australian Prescriber

'Surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis'

Courtney Ierano et al. 

6th November 2017 - MJA Insight

'Antimicrobials in aged care: overused and underdocumented'

Dr. Noleen Bennett 

3rd October 2017 - Radio Adelaide

'Slowing the resistance'

A/Prof. Kirsty Buising 

2nd October 2017 - The Conversation

'Drug resistance: how we keep track of whether antibiotics are being used responsibly'

A/Prof. Kirsty Buising and Prof. Karin Thursky 

21st August 2017 - MJA Insight

'Antimicrobial stewardship: hospital standards update in 2018'

Prof. Karin Thursky 

10th July 2017 - MJA Insight

'Evidence-based solutions for antimicrobial stewardship'

Dr. Arjun Rajkhowa

5th June 2017 - MJA Insight

'War on superbugs: articulating the crisis of antimicrobial resistance'

Dr. Arjun Rajkhowa

3rd April 2017 - MJA Insight

'Antibiotic resistance among priority pathogens in Australia'

A/Prof. Kirsty Buising et al.

1st March 2017 - The Age

These are the 12 most deadly superbugs, WHO warns

Chloe Booker

1st February 2017 - Pursuit

The tiny drop fighting the big problem of antibiotic resistance 

Errol Hunt

1st February 2017 - Sydney Morning Herald

Superbug risk: high levels of antibiotic resistance genes found in estuaries

Kim Arlington

23rd January 2017 - MJA Insight

'Milestones, challenges in antimicrobial stewardship'

Prof. Karin Thursky 

11th December 2016 - Sydney Morning Herald

'Patients will die if they don't fix this': hospitals rationing, stockpiling first-line antibiotics amid drug shortage

Kate Aubusson 

18th April 2016 - ABC

Allergies to antibiotics discussed on ABC Health Report with Dr Norman Swan 

Dr Jason Trubiano 

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16th June 2015 - 2GB

'Are superbugs a threat to our health system?' on the Chris Smith afternoon show

Prof. Karin Thursky

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17th November 2014 - ABC

Antimicrobial stewardship discussed on ABC Health Report with Dr Norman Swan

Prof. Karin Thursky

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